Class 4 – Transforming The Shadow Side Of Your Relationships

Is your shadow side sabotaging your relationships?

How balanced is your relationship with yourself?

Just do it… You will uncover parts of yourself you never knew. You will get way more than you can even imagine. What a powerful class!!!


“We can become addicted to being stuck. It’s the “safest” of all positions.  Then we don’t have to move or change.”

This transformational 3-day seminar will guide you through discovering:

  • One of the 3 things we do that strengthens the shadow side of our lives (and we’re probably not even aware of it!)
  • How your shadow expresses itself in the way that’s unique to you
  • Why we run away or cover up the shadow side of our relationships, which can lead to feeling disconnected from our relationships.
  • How all aspects of your life improve as the divine masculine and feminine unify within you
  • What the shadow self is there to teach us (and until we learn whatever that is, it won’t go away!)
  • 7 steps for healing the shadow side of our relationships (this alone could be worth the price of admission!)

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In this class, we’ll go much deeper into some of the concepts that we previously talked about in earlier classes.

For example, in our second class, we talked about the games we play that are so destructive to our relationships.

Those games are born from the shadow side of us.

By learning about the shadow side in this class, and recognizing your own, you’ll experience an awakening that allows you to transform the shadow side of your relationships.

The shadow is the part of us that can and often will sabatoge a significant relationship, or business partnership if it continues to be denied or unacknowledged. The power our shadow can have over us, is dependant on how much we’re currently denying it, or pretending like we don’t have one.

It can show us how much power it truly has by what it actually sabotoges in our life, and we might not even be aware of whatever that is, until after the sabatoge has been pulled off.

I have received the tools I have always wanted but never been shown, ways to clear out old patterns and behaviors and choices that no longer serve me… so I can continue to work on being the best version of myself to show up consciously for all others I am in relationship with? These classes are PRICELESS. I recommend these seminars to any and every person who wants to heal and see more peace in the world.


One thing I’ve learned is that no matter how ugly the shadow side is, once we confront it with consciousness we can punch through the darkness.

In doing so, we access more light, more joy, more freedom, and more authentic power in our day to day lives.

This could be the class that changes everything for you.​ Most people who attend are elated and often feel empowered by just becoming aware of their own shadow side, and this is before we come to the place in the seminar where we actually learn how to heal it.
I invite you to join us and learn how to responsibly confront your shadow side and gain more of your true inner power back!

Register For The Class In Santa Barbara, CA!

Join Us In-Person At The Class!