It’s our divine birthright to manifest our true abundance. Our true abundance is the experiences we are to have that are in alignment with our True Soul Self. Theseeds of these experiences are already planted in our soul just waiting to be expressed. This process is to be as natural as the process of giving birth to a child. Why, then, is manifesting so complex and difficult for some to do? In other words, what might be in the way of us being able to naturally manifest our true abundance?

The truth is, there is an infinite supply of abundance within us that’s just waiting for us to open ourselves to it. Do you believe it can be easy or does it have to be hard? Don’t just take your word for it; rather, take a look at what your life says– what do the results that keep on manifesting in your life say? Remember our beliefs and our stuff (i.e., unhealed emotions, experiences, and distorted thought patterns) that have not been resolved yet can block the flow of our abundance manifesting. The coolest piece is that our life reflects back to us whether or not we are manifesting our abundance by what shows up.If our true abundance is not manifesting in our life,  then it’s about responsibly dealing with the stuff that comes up from the unconscious so that it can be resolved and ultimately let go of. If we do not do this, then that unresolved stuff stands in the way of the true abundance that is ours toexperience; it can show up as a belief operating within our consciousness that literally can block or limit the flow of our abundance.

With some people, when their abundance is being limited or restricted from flowing in their lives, the tendency has been to blame the resultonto someone or something else. In reality, all this actually does is bring more of whatever we’re blaming someone or something else for into our own lives yet again. One of the master keys,is to learn how to consciously and responsibly spot a limiting belief in our lives and transform it to a belief that liberates and empowers us!


How easy is it for you to receive from others?  Do you simply allow good things to come in to your life? Do you believe that it could be that easy?  Or, do you try to convince others to just give you what you want?  Do you have to be the one doing everything?  Most people have a challenge receiving;be it a genuine compliment, someone offering their assistance, or being given something merely for the sake of it just being given to you.  Having a difficult time receiving is a limiting belief held in our consciousness (and perhaps without you even knowing the belief is thereor the power and influence it has in your life) that might say, we’re not worthy of greatness or we don’t deserve to be loved.

Then there are the negative emotions that we have taken on and buried in our subconscious at some point in our past that we have yet to resolve or resease..  We might not even be aware of these buried emotions.  Here’s the deal though, if those emotions are still there and we are not yet releasing them, they will find a way to show up in our lives. They will show up as results; results of their like. . . And if you know how to correctly translate the results that are rooted in this old emotional material from your subconscious, it willbe much easier to get resolution with them so they can be ultimately released.

The truth is, it can be easier.  Once we get clear on what it is we truly desire by releasing that which has been in the way of our real desires, the ease of manifesting will happen.  Whether it is real love, radiant health and/or meaningful success, it does not matter, as long as what we want is in complete alignment with our True Divine self.   Everything wonderful is possible and will manifest in our lives once we are in alignement, because that is what’s inside of us waiting to be experienced.  How cool is that?

We invite you to join us on this life-enriching journey!


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