I believe it’s everyone’s divine birthright to experience success in their life. Success is a wonderful thing when you consider what it can do for us when approached with consciousness. It’s like money. Money in and of itself is not a bad thing. It’s when money gets in the hands of those who do negative things with it that can make it “bad” or “negative.” The first time I experienced much success in my life, it turned out that I just wasn’t ready for it. So I did what I needed to do at the time and sabatoged it. Now of course I didn’t recognize at the time that’s what I was doing. But clearly that’s what I did. And since then, I have witnessed many people over the years do something similar with their success. I’ve been interested in success for almost 40 years from both a personal viewpoint as well as a teacher’s viewpoint. Over the years I’ve discovered how to create the success that our soul actually wants us to have. When we bring our lives into complete alignment with the true power of our soul, the life that we were intended to have from the very beginning actually materializes. Take some time to reflect on the following questions. Notice if any of them resonate with you, and if they do, this is your soul letting you know that you’re not on this page reading these words by accident. That’s right! It was your true soul self that guided you here!

  • Do you always come up with excuses as to why something is not right?
  • What’s more important to you; what you achieve, or who you become?
  • Has your shadow self ever stopped you from moving towards your dreams and goals?
  • Do you take the time to strategically set yourself up for success in life?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how masterful are you at creating success?
  • Do you feel deserving of success?
  • Do you know what your worth is?
  • How much value do you bring to others?
  • What are the beliefs that have blocked you from succeeding in life?
  • Does your ego get in the way of your success?
  • Are you ready for success?
  • Is your subconscious on board with where it is you want to go?
  • Are you in resistance with where it is you want to go?
  • Do you repeat the same mistakes over and over?
  • Have you ever sabatoged something that you really valued in your life?
  • Are you tired of always having to chase after success?

As you master the strategies that I’ll teach you in G2S, you’ll develop an unshakable sense of self‐worth that carries you confidently through your days. You will notice that suddenly, life is different. People respect you more. Instead of reacting to life’s challenges, you are able to deliver a considered response. Your family, peers – even your business associates – begin to notice the changes in you and treat you differently. Good things seem to flow into your life naturally.

Once we start experiencing success in this way it becomes like second nature to us. This is where our success can be amplified. The master key in having success amplify in our lives is in becoming free of our karmic patterns and crystal clear about our greater purpose. It’s important to know that in this process of having our success amplified, any hidden subconscious beliefs that have been holding us back that haven’t been cleared yet will be amplified as well.

“This seminar offers ‘make sense tools’ that can create immediate change in the life of the person desirous of living in harmony, happiness and success. Of the hundreds of seminars I’ve attended, this is the ONE!”

Annalea C.

“The biggest thing is that I feel like I have direction, forward direction, in my life now with my road to discovering myself, my true soul self. It’s not just about awareness, it’s so much more than that. There’s clarity now and I can’t wait to keep learning and finding out more truths.”

Candice P.


At Gateway 2 Success you’ll discover…

  • The keys to recognizing when your sabatoging your success so you can quickly change it
  • How to strategically set yourself up to succeed in life
  • The answer to: Why you don’t have what you really want
  • How to thrive in a world that just wants you to keep surviving
  • A powerful process for actively pursuing what your soul most desires while shattering the beliefs that limit your success
  • How to make better decisions in your day-to-day life (this section alone could save you time, energy and thousands of dollars)
  • How to take an active role in transforming your fears through inspired action
  • 5 powerful steps for amplifying success personally and professionally
  • How to live life as the “Victor,” rather than the “Victim”

“I went into the seminar a little skeptical, but how wrong I was. It was one of the the most profound, eye-opening experiences that I was ever part of. Truly life changing.”

Sue R.

“If you are tired of seeing negative, repetitive patterns throughout your life, come to one of Dale’s seminars to learn about what you can change about yourself!”

Christopher C.

  • How to clear the negativity that stands between you and your success
  • Why feeling good about you is so important to your happiness and success
  • How to take an active role in transforming your fears through inspired action
  • How to align the right success habits with your soul self
  • How to recognize the shadow side of success
  • The keys to building a success consciousness that will positively affect your results and eliminate the pattern of sabatoge once and for all


“The benefits are indescribable, but if you want a real way to get to your real self, your true and authentic being, and accomplish your true purpose and experience life fully, this is the way.”

Christy S.


You can start attracting success in all areas of your life. I can show you how…

For more than 30 years, I’ve been teaching people all over the world how to transform their lives. Now, I would like to help you create the success that you so deserve with the power of your true soul self. If inspired to, I invite you to join us. I think you’ll be glad you did!

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